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July 26th, 2010, 01:26 PM
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Well my hubby and I flip flopped for a while on having a 2nd child. We were so set on not having anymore that I had a garage sale and sold most of my baby stuff (Swings, bouncies, high chairs and some of the clothes, not all of them thankfully) and I was fortunate enough that a lot of my stuff was given to me by my best friend who is done with having kids and so I just borrowed the car seat and stroller and play pen kind of stuff. I still have a ton of clothes, my crib, mattress, rocking chair and changing table thankfully...b/c shortly after i had my garage sale, Hubby said he did want to have another child b/c he feels like our son should have a sibling to grow up with. So we are actively TTC #2 right now. Well a few days after my garage sale we found out that my hubby's brother who is 17 and his 16 yr old GF are having a baby and after some months have passed they recently found out its a boy. Well since we are TTC #2 I haven't offered any of my stuff, none of the clothes, the crib or anything like inlaws are having to pay for most of the stuff for their baby since they cant afford the baby on their own. Does this make me a bad person for not letting them use my stuff when my hope is to be prego any month now? I have given clothes and stuff to friends in the past who's babies were like 6 months behind my sons age so its not like i have a problem sharing...its just I dont want to give her my stuff and not be able to get it back if i were to get prego soon.

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