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July 27th, 2010, 12:38 PM
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so i have a SIL, my Dh's bro's wife. We have had it out quite a few times and i will admit alot of it in the past involed issues started or pursued by me. This new one though is quite amazing. she is such an insecure person that she she has meltdowns just hearing the name of one of her husband's ex's. So i get a friend request on FB from someone and did not recognize the name, I ok it and then post to this person's wall to find out who it is. Turns out it is one of my BIL's ex's. i am congenial to her in response. I never really knew her and did not even care alot for her at the time. Next thing i know i have an email on FB with my SIL cussing at me!! She goes off on me telling me about all the drama I always cause and all the stories she has heard regarding things I have done in the past to my dh's family. I am not innocent. She is right. But this time she is not!! There was no drama here. I did not delete her right away b/c i just flat out did not even think about it. her and my BIL were not about to get married or anything. I would have never even talked to her again. She was just a name on a list!! Now if my SIL is that insecure all she had to do was write to me and tell me that it made her uncomfortable and to please remove the chick and i would have gladly done it. But instead she goes childish on me and acts like a fool. In the end i would have deleted her anyway but would have respected SIL alot more if she had gone about her request a different way than screaming and cussing at me via email and IM. Sorry i know this is long and scattered. i am so hurt right now.

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