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June 19th, 2006, 07:41 PM
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Has he been supportive in getting testing?

Does he want to TTC again?

Is he understanding of most of what you are trying to deal with?


Joel is supportive in the testing aslong as it's not him.
He says he's cooperating, bt it was pulling teeth to get him to do a stupid blood sample. I know he passes out easy & that bothers him..but geesh. We mc'd in Aug & he didn't get his bloodwork done until the end of December...3 months after I had the lab slips.
But he's great about taking me & being there in that way...thank goodness.

He does/doesn't want to TTC again - I know he does eventually - but he seems to flip/flop a bit.

He is pretty understanding most of the time. He agrees with me on it a lot - even if I'm not always sure he means it (like when I express how annoyingit is when someone else gets pg...he agrees).
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