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July 27th, 2010, 06:33 PM
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So while at my NST today... (I get some good stories. LOL)

This twit is put in the seat beside me. I can't see her or her husband because of the curtain. Anyway, she had a nasally voice that got on my nerves immediately. She tells the nurse she's waiting for her husband to tinkle. SERIOUSLY?!! Ya can't just say "Please let my DH know I'm in here?!". They get her started, and she immediately complains "She's not kicking" "I can't feel her". The nurse explains exactly what's on the strip...they aren't concerned, etc and will continue to monitor.

10 minutes later, she says in her wonderfully annoying voice "It's time for my special snacks". Ugh. She proceeds to CHEW WITH HER MOUTH OPEN: pretzels, carrots, and celery. I was climbing the walls. Then she resumes *****ign about her baby not moving...the nurse came to see me and rolls her eyes. LOL.

Hannah was sleeping up until I started getting pissed, then her hr went up and she started reacting. That's my girl!

What's your pet peeve?
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