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June 19th, 2006, 08:59 PM
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Thanks for asking all of this. I hadn't really thought about it yet.
As for me... I'm fine with talking about ttc. I think it maybe used to bother me, because after my first mc it felt like FOREVER until I could ttc again (I think it was really like 6 wks). This time around, I really don't care, because now I know that ttc and becoming pg again will not solve all of my problems. It's really just the beginning.
As for pg talk... again, I'm okay with it. I understand what you felt about not havinga place at JM. I actually tried the PG after loss board during my second pg, and I liked it, but it was kinda slow, and I always got a better vibe from the pg loss board, except that I didn't want to talk about being pg on there. Actually, the pg/ttc tickers bother me a bit right now more than just talking about it, but I understand that you can't turn them off for certain boards, and if anybody has them I just scroll reeeally fast through the siggies!
I think if anyone gets pg, of course I will be a tad jealous, but we all know that's just the beginning of a scary ride. What I hope is that we all get to hold the beautiful babies we deserve.
As for what to expect from the board - I do think I have somewhat different emotions now than I did after the first mc. Then I was just emotionally devastated, and while it was very intense and in many ways worse than now, after this more recent loss I've started feeling like a bit of a freak, and really psychologically battered in a way that is new. The freak part is feeling like everyone IRL must think there's something wrong with me, since I'm young (25) and otherwise healthy, even though I know that mc happens to younger women all the time. The psychological part is just the stress of now seeing two six week old embryos while miscarrying. That was not something I ever wanted to see in my life, and I really don't think anyone who hasn't been there can understand what that does to a person.
So at least I know that you ladies have been there too. That alone makes me feel better.

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