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July 28th, 2010, 10:26 AM
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I am new to this forum and as I have been reading something occurred to me and I want to offer some advice to anyone doing IVF.

I have had 1 round of IVF and I have one ovary and a very high FSH number. I am definitely one of the worst case scenarios. The fertility clinic that I went to refused to do another round of IVF because they only got 2 eggs from me. Ok some of you are probably thinking ..why would you want another round and risk losing more money to possibly only get 1 or 2 eggs? The fact is I was not given the choice, they made the decision for me and offered to help us find a donor egg.

Here is where the caution comes.....fertility clinics need good numbers, when you were looking for a clinic didn't you want to know their success rate? I did the same thing and went to the most successful clinic in my city. The problem is I am potentially going to bring their numbers down. I do not produce enough eggs and my success % is going to be way lower. Does this mean I do not get a chance with the few eggs I can produce? AM I at the mercy of the clinic? YES. Please be careful to not let your clinic sway you to up their numbers game.

I am currently working with Dr. Silber in St. Louis doing the Mini IVF procedure and the one thing he said to me that made me breakdown and cry was "I don't care about the numbers, I want you to have a chance at having your own child."

Please remember when you are working with anyone in the IVF field that at the end of the day they need good numbers. We all stand a chance of having our own children and I am not giving up. Ask questions make sure they will work with you no matter what your odds are. Women everyday have miracles happen.
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