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July 28th, 2010, 04:12 PM
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How far behind would she be if I just did the schooling myself, with online sources to print, if I used a scope and sequence from say A Beka or LifePac. Because I don't have to enroll her until next year there's not a immediate rush for me, yet I do want to settle on something for her. I realize because something works for her doesn't mean it will work for my younger.

Does anyone know the return policies for the different companies? Or the selling rate of the books?

@in_mommy: She likes having everything in one place already planned out. I'm not actually sure where she's at with all of this, honestly. I've ordered catalogs through various companies so once those arrive we'll sit down together and discuss it in more depth. We may end up doing it separately, which isn't the end of the world.

@mommyof2: I've looked at Sonlight and I love the way it looks but they are definitely out of my price range. Plus I don't know how well my older will do with so much reading. She LOVES arts, crafts, hands-on...may just supplement whatever we do.

You ladies have been VERY helpful and given me more to look into. As I come across things that I like or dislike I'll let you know. Just please don't let me annoy you with all my rambling. *LOL* Just trying my luck with figuring things out.

Praying that the Lord will show me what will work for us.
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