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June 20th, 2006, 04:34 AM
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Right now I am having a really hard time with 1st time pregnant women who are all cheery and sunshine but I know none of us here are really ever able to have that again so I'm ok with announcements of pg on here...I think though that once someone does get a bfp, they should move the pg talk to the pg after loss board unless it relates to multiple losses. Does that make sense? Like if someone wants to talk about their fears, missing their last babies, etc that's cool but if it's to get into numbers and what the dr said, I don't think this is the place for it.
A subforum might be a good idea for those who are pg after multiple losses.
AS for ttc, i think the discussion of what that all means for us is an appropriate one here. I am with ya (whoever said it) about the ttc after loss sometimes seeming silly...I think it's women's way of trying to grasp some sense of normalcy and wanting that excitement all over again (like the first time). For me I have accepted that I will never have that...I will always be scared during ttc and when/if I ever get a bfp again and no amount of smiley happy faces bouncing around on a post will ever make me feel better. like you beck, I ahve felt a bit out of place before during my last pg and loss even...I felt no one understood me while I was pg and when I lost her of course everyone was sad for me but the implications of what this meant were so astronomical for me...I just don't know if it was even possible for anyone to tell me something comforting at that point.
I think that unfortunately we all share a similarity that this board can and will be a sense of support and strength unsurmonted to other boards.
I am grateful for you all being willing to share with me in this difficult experience.
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