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July 28th, 2010, 08:49 PM
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Can we back up for just a second? I'm really confused about why someone else is homeschooling your child for you.

How far behind would she be if I just did the schooling myself, with online sources to print, if I used a scope and sequence from say A Beka or LifePac. Because I don't have to enroll her until next year there's not a immediate rush for me
A 4 year old wouldn't be "behind" anything no matter what. A kindergartener doesn't have to know anything. It's very helpful in a group setting if the child already knows numbers, letters, colors, and shapes, but in a homeschool setting, even that doesn't matter.

Where would you be "enrolling" next year? Public? Private? Do you plan to continue homeschooling into elementary (or longer)? If so, again, it really doesn't matter what you do right now, or even if you do nothing at all.

Here's what I like:

Reading - Explode the Code (there are 3 preschool workbooks and 8 elementary workbooks with an additional 6 that are optional for extra practice)

Math - I like Abeka and Horizons, but both are very advanced. I like Rod & Staff because it's very slow and old school in style. A lot of people use Math Mammoth (or is it Mammoth Math? I always mess that up), with great success. Math-u-see is a great option for a hands-on child, but it's expensive. Good alternatives are Miquon and RightStart. (We'll be using Miquon this year. It's a K-3rd curriculum with higher levels of thought mixed in, so a child would easily move into 5th or 6th in some programs, 4th in others.)

Writing - I LOVE Handwriting w/o Tears for printing, and it's one that you can use only the workbooks, or you can get the whole system. We use only the workbooks personally. If you use Abeka for writing, you'll start with cursive rather than print. There are pros and cons to that. It's up to you. (Read this for more detail on why it's best to start with cursive.) I do NOT like the cursive Handwriting w/o Tears style for 3rd grade. I'll switch back to Abeka when we revisit cursive again. It's the traditional style.

Science - Apologia Young Explorers (easy to use with multiple children, because all 6 books are for any child K-6th)

Social Studies - Do your own unit studies on basic U.S. geography, community helpers, etc. to help your child learn about their surroundings, and then branch out into a tiny bit of world geography with continents and oceans. There's no reason for a kindergartener to know more than this.

Art - Kumon is great. You can use things like Abeka or whatever as well.

Music - can't help you there... I'm a music teacher by trade, so I do my own thing.

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