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June 20th, 2006, 06:25 AM
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Beck - What great questions!!!

I will say this...I have found that men, in general, deal w/ m/c differently than women.

That said....
Has he been supportive in getting testing?
When the dr. first told me that she wanted us to go see a fertility specialist, I told her that I would talk w/DH about it. Dr. and I talked about it during my annual exam, so DH wasn't there. DH was ok w/the idea....but not overly excited. Me on the other hand was over the moon. The thought that we could possibly find out why our babies were not making it was a great comfort to me. I guess fortunately, we never had to make the appt.

Does he want to TTC again?
After both losses, DH was adament that he wanted to wait to TTC. The first one we waited a couple of months. After the 2nd loss, he was even worse. He took the second loss worse than the first. My DH is a big guy...a guy's guy. When we found out the baby didn't have a hb, DH cried and cried. I felt sooooo bad for him. I have this big, strong husband, and there is he pouring his heart out.

Is he understanding of most of what you are trying to deal with? Very much so.....I am not so sure that he completely understands what I am going thru, but he is always there for a hug, which is just what I need from him. He just lets me cry on his shoulder.....

The whole experience is something that I wish DH and I never had to go thru. But, I do think that it makes you appreciate and love your spouse even more than you ever did.

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