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July 29th, 2010, 01:55 PM
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@Miguels mommy: Thanks for the heads up about switching. Wasn't sure if switching would create problem as the children got older. I do believe I'll end up mixing and matching...

@Bensmom: Initially I was doing the schooling but then my friend picked up A Beka for her then 4yo, so we just combined it. She was doing the schooling and I was doing crafts with them. But now, she comes over and schools both of them together while I watch the two younger kids. So I'm present just not the one that is actually handing her the work.

If I weren't homeschooling I would be enrolling her in a public school because our family can't afford a private school. The plans now are to homeschool K-12.

Thanks for clarifying, I think as a parent (well me being me *lol*) I'm letting it get to me and really there's nothing to stress about. She above where she most children her age are. Reckon I should just be content and let her be 4 while she is. As long as she's being taught to be a God fearing child than it doesn't matter really.

As far as the cursive writing, we started with manuscript so she hasn't been taught cursive yet. The plan was to start that this coming year. Because before she started A Beka I had already taught her most of the alphabet in manuscript.

I will continue to look into some of your suggestion.

Again, thank you ladies for all of your guidance and suggestions, I really do appreciate it!
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