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June 20th, 2006, 09:26 AM
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so i went for more bloodwork today because i was scared my progesterone had dropped more since friday. so i go in, and the nurse in the lab says she didnt draw for progesterone on friday. hmm. so she looks in the comp and the other nurse who took my first set of bloodwork last tuesday had drawn for the progesterone and hcg, thats when it came back 13.6. i was alittle po'd i wasnt told this on thursday when i got my results in the first place and then maybe i could of been put on the supplements..but as i drove home i thought, it must not be dropping THAT much if on friday when i went for the bw..even though the hcg didnt double it still went up! a good bit too. so its bascially a waiting game, hoping i dont begin to spot because thats a huge sign your progesterone is dropping. ill have these results either tomorrow or thursday morning..ill update again then. thanks for all the positve thoughts and prayers. they are much needed and appreciated
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