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June 20th, 2006, 09:38 AM
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Has he been supportive in getting testing? We aren't getting any testing.

Does he want to TTC again? No of course not. Our situation is a bit different then most of yours. This is our first loss as a couple. My 1st m/c was 10 years ago as a very young teen and with a different man. We already have a special needs son that has a genetic brain disorder as well, which means with every pregnancy we have a 1 and 4 chance of having another child with this same issue. So getting my dh to TTC has been a 2 year battle. We finally tried just once officially (been pulling out for the last 2 yrs) and we got pregnant to only have a m/c of course. We even almost went on Dr. Phil for this issue but they decided to go another way with the show. I have battle with him, to do adoption, sperm donor, anything to have another child that is healthy. He won't do it. He only wants to do it with his sperm and my egg. I do to really but fear another unhealthy child of course.

Now since this m/c of course he is saying we are never going to try again. I am trying to be patient and give it time. Sometimes I wonder though if we will survive all of this.

My dh is not the sweet dh like you all have. Most the time he unsupportive and a jerk. Although I do love him and love that he is a joker it gets old. The whole week after my d&c he made fun of me for not feeling good in being in pain. I even told him I really need your support and need you to be nice this next few weeks but he hasn't done it so far. Sorry I am sort of going into a rant that doesn't belong here.

Is he understanding of most of what you are trying to deal with?
I don't feel he does at all.
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