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July 31st, 2010, 01:27 PM
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Roasted Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes
1 packet Onion Soup mix
Onion (up to you how much you want to use... we like ours oniony so I usually use 1 whole yellow onion)
1/4 cup vegetable oil

Dice potatoes and sweet potatoes (with skin on-- make sure to wash them first!)

Chop onion in chunky slivers

Mix with Onion soup mix powder and 1/4 cup oil... make sure everything is coated

(I add a bit of seasoning salt for taste but some people prefer it without... it depends who I'm cooking for!)

Spread evenly in bottom of pan (I just use a pyrex pan) and bake at 425 for 35-40 mins.

This is one of our FAVORITE side dishes and we have this often with steak, chicken or pork. So easy to make!

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