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August 1st, 2010, 09:14 PM
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I have an almost 14 year old beautiful little girl named Evalyn. She's very much a boobie baby, we're going on at least 10-12 times a day still, and she's a BIG initiator. My dream for her was to self wean and breastfeed beyond 2. But I'm pregnant now, and it's extremely high risk b/c of incompetent cervix so I've made the agonizing decision to wean her and hope she unweans once the baby comes. I don't want to risk anything happening to Lil Bean. I want to do this fairly quickly...I'm almost 10 weeks now and I'd like her to be off the breast before the very risky part of my pregnancy comes around but I also want to do it very gently.

We co-sleep which is getting hard since she nurses 2-3 times at night and now she's starting to wake up at all hours of the night...I'm going to have to move her out of my bed before the baby comes so I was thinking of moving her to a crib and cut out night feeding at the same time...but that might be too much change for her all at once. I just feel like it'll be really hard to cut night nursing when we're sleeping together. She is very prone to allergies...her sister has SEVERE multiple food allergies, and I have celiacs disease which is why I wanted to bf her as long as possible but I do have a lot of frozen breast milk stored that I have been saving up. So maybe I can make that last a few months.

Any advice on how to gently wean a toddler that LOVES to nurse?
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