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June 20th, 2006, 01:53 PM
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Hi What a great subforum! I hope lots of people come here! Id appreciate any support I can get. I really want a natural birth using water to help the pain. I know its going to hurt but Im not afraid of that. So far Ive had a stress free pregnancy and no complications apart from cramp and heartburn (touch wood)
Looking forward to recieving tips also[/b]

Well thats what I did when I was in labour with my daughter Serenity (now 13months)
I found that being under a hot shower, with ur partner or doula (or who ever is helping u) to take the shower portable head and spray it all over ur back and body. And also when ur having contractions its good to have someone putting pressure on your waist (hips). Like grabbing eachside and push in hard, and it works like wonders when ur having those contractions!
its even the best, to give birth in a birth pool...ive heard it dosnt hurt as much! its up to you. I hope this has helped
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