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June 20th, 2006, 02:17 PM
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Hello everyone, (I'm a newbie)

I have a question, but I am not sure if anyone can answer... well, it may just be a stupid question. But I am ttc my first child. I just told my gyn this and she says "well lets see if you're even o'ing". I have a variable cycle in length though(never shorter than 28and never longer than 35). So my doc set me up to have a progesterone test on CD20. I took it, and it came back a little above 1. I was hurt!!! The thing is... I took an opk THE DAY BEFORE the test (CD19) whick came back +++. It was also +++ the very morning I went to take the progesterone/ovul test(CD20)(but negative later that afternoon). Now, after searching online and finding forums such as this one, I see that it is a POSSIBILITY that we mightve just done the test a week early since according to the opk, I was most definitely in the midst of an lh surge and had not yet ovulated. What is your opinion??? Is there a possibility that if i had taken the test a week or 10 days later that I wouldve had a normal/borderline progesterone level? or do you think that having a progesterone level of 1 is still abnormal during the lh surge????

Thanks ahead of time to anyone that can help!!!
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