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August 2nd, 2010, 11:13 AM
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Does anyone remember this show? I'd mostly forgotten about it, until we found it on Netflix.

Three babies and a toddler are constantly left totally unsupervised. In various episodes they end up in the projection room of a movie theatre, the neighbors yard (where there's a vicious dog), on the ice rink during a musical show, etc.

The older girl is 3, and always bullies and abuses them, and no one does anything about it. They also watch excessive amounts of television.

So, knowing all that.. is this a cartoon you'd ever let your own child watch? They never say anything inappropriate in the language department, but it can be argued that the show promotes the idea that bullying/abuse should be tolerated instead of dealt with, at the very least.

The most inappropriate thing I've ever heard on the show was exceptionally hilarious, so i tried to ignore it. There was a "nudist" episode, where the main baby keeps taking all his clothes off. He convinces the twins, a boy and a girl, to follow his example. After the twins (Phil and Lil) get undressed, they look at each other, point and gasp "Phil!" "Lil!!". Then the other boy baby says "Um, Lil..? Can I ask you a question?"
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