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August 3rd, 2010, 04:03 PM
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I think you'll end up answering that yourself, because if you try to move on, but you're met with "I don't understand", you know you need to repeat some things. *Most* of the curricula out there assumes you'll take summers off and have a little bit of a set-back in knowledge, so they'll start with a review for several weeks before presenting new material. If you don't experience "brain rot" as it's called, because either the child remembers everything, or you choose to school year-round, then you'll be able to move at a faster pace because you can skip a heck of a lot of review stuff. Also, for the very same reason, a lot of people don't finish the *entire* book when working from book-based curricula, because they know a lot of it will be repeated at the beginning of the following year. Why do it twice? If you're looking at it from a public school mentality, you'll already know that they rarely finish entire courses in the set amount of days allowed, yet their students still pass minimum requirements and are advanced to the next grade. Homeschoolers typically work at a higher level, so the minimum passing score a parent requires is higher than what the government requires. (Yes, there are some who neglect their children and call it homeschooling, and I'm not talking about "unschooling", because even that has a little bit of guidance, but usually parents make sure their child is learning before moving to the next stage. People who call unschooling neglect don't really understand what unschooling is for.)

That's probably more than you wanted, but I understand where you're coming from. I asked the same thing both mentally and aloud when I was still teetering on the idea of homeschooling.

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