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June 20th, 2006, 09:06 PM
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JRD - I enjoyed it because it is empowering and humbling - aweing and amazing. It is beautiful and there is a level of self-accomplishment and fulfillment that I cannot explain that you recieve from knowing you were able to acheive what you set out to do and knowing your body was equipped and able to do it.

I also enjoyed being overwhelmed (allowing my body to be overwhelmed) by something so much greater than myself and my body - it is just.... I can't explain it... amazing!

Also, I was able to experience the birthing O with two of my kids, and it is crazy and euphoric.

Birth itself is euphoric when you can FULLY feel and experience it. The hormones released (when not inhibited by medication) give a person a TRULY euphoric or 'high' experience. It's called a birthing high. That is why some of us call ourselves birth junkies.

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