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August 4th, 2010, 07:47 PM
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At 5 weeks, I was still hurting at the incision but at 6 weeks I was not. I was not able to run at 6 weeks with out a little pulling at the incision site but at 8 weeks, all was good. Maybe you just need a few more weeks.

My stomach is a mess but it's from stretchmarks and stretched out skin at the belly button. My incision looks way better than it did with my 1st c-section. I don't have any flap or spare tire but it certainly is not flat. That is mostly due to having diastasis recti (separation of ab muscles). I can stick about 2 fingers inside my stomach when lying down in a crunch position. It's gross. I look pregnant still. I can tell it's getting better but it's taking way too long.
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