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June 20th, 2006, 10:22 PM
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I met my honey at a local store, but it is not like you think. I worked at a bakery, and my fiancee was a butcher. One day he was on his smoking break, and I cam eout an saw him. He was so cute with his little apron, and you could tell he was so shy. An I love the shy guys. First thing I said was hi, and then I asked him how his teeth got like that (he had so many broken ones that I felt bad for him). Well I found out two things. !. he was open an honest, and 2. that he had the worst dentist in the world. We started going out all the time. I gave him free cookies, and we would play around in my bakery when I had to clean. It made me feel loads better. Soon we were going to coffee shops, and riding around all night in his car. Our song soon bacame "Blvd. or broken dream" by greeen day. Not because of the lyircs, but becasue seemingly everytime we turned the station it would come on. We must have sang it about a hundred times that one night. The night we became official we had went to the riverside, and looked at the stars. Mr. romance took a whiz out there, and that is when I knew he was the one. Not because he ruined the moment, but because I accepted it, and I wanted to always accept him. From then on it was Pizza, staying out all night, and Staying the night at eachother's house. We eventually moved in together, and now we are going to get married. We had to put it off for our beautiful con, but right now I think I am right where I want to be. Minus a few changes of course.

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