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June 21st, 2006, 12:00 AM
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I met him through my bro in law at the time. They both worked at a local supermarket.. They were meat cutters... AKA butchers. but he hates to be called that. I first laid eyes on him there.. But I was engaged to another man.. We have a local carnival every year and he came up to my bro in law.. I told my sister that he had a gorgeous smile and a great tight butt. Well the next day she came and told me that she had told him what I had said.. His reaction was a great big grin she said.. Well my sis and her hubby tried to fix us up.. And I tried.. But he would never take the bait... I had tried to break up with this guy but he would put me on a guilt trip.. And I would take him back.. Then the last time I tried to be with Charles he flat out told me... That he wouldn't date me because I was going with someone.. That he had been cheated on before and he wouldn't do that to another man... So I stayed with the other guy.. Then I finally had enough of his BS... So I broke up with him.. And my sis and her hubby took me riding around and then they picked up Charles.. We actually Charles was there when I broke up with him... And we started dating that very night.. And haven't been apart since.. We had only been seeing each other maybe 3 days when he came up to me and told me that my dad had asked him to spend the weekend with me... I told him he was a liar.. My dad is strict no boys in the house while they aren't there.. That has always been the rule.. So I let it go and went home.. My dad then caught me.. He said since Chad had threatened you I do not want you to stay alone this weekend since we will be out of town.. He said he had asked Charles to stay with me.. I was totally floored... That was one fun weekend... Well two weeks had passed.. And I walked into another local supermarket (not the one he worked at) and one of the checkers that knew his family asked when I was getting married.. I told her that I have only known Charles for 2 weeks so it was kind of early... Well time past and nothing was said.. Well in January of 1997 he kept taking me and showing me wedding ring sets.. It was like he was teasing me... Finally I had enough... I asked if he was scared I would do the same thing his ex fiance did.. (She cheated on him and broke his heart).. He said yes.. I told him that I could never do that to him.. That I loved him with all my heart... He bought the rings and proposed to me in the car... We got married by the justice of peace and have been married ever since.. Well about 5 years after we had been married I found out why the lady at the grocery store asked if i was going to get married... My hubby had told his mom and sis after knowing me only for 2 weeks that he found the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.. And they can't keep anything to themselves... I also really never knew if my sister really told him what I had said at the carnival that night.. Because when I asked if she told him anything he wouldn't say.. I found out the truth a year ago when we were fixing to move back home.. We were walking into McDonald's.. He made some kind of comment.. And I popped off Well I didn't marry ya for your money... He laughed and said no you married me for my gorgeous smile and my great tight butt. Then he spun me around and gave me a big kiss...

This is what he looked like when we first met. He was a skinny minny.. He is 5' 11" and he only weighed 130 pounds at the tme..

This is how he looks now with a little meat on his bones.. At 5'11" and 180 pounds
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