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August 5th, 2010, 01:37 PM
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Originally Posted by dettmer26 View Post
I am going for physical if not FULL custody of my children, so this could prove to be interesting if this works out.
Welcome to the board! The ladies around here are FANTASTIC!!!

I'm Tiffany, engaged to an amazing man who has 2 beautiful children, both from different relationships. We don't have any kids of our own yet, but hoping someday for that!

So being on the side of the fence were my DF has to fight to see his kids, what are your reasons for making sure that you get full custody of your children? I'm just curious, is it that he's abusive, or a deadbeat, or you are angry about the separation/divorce and want to keep your kids away from their father? I'm always interested to hear other people's stories, as my DF's story is extremely sad and was completely avoidable, except for the fact that these "monsters" (I don't call them mother's cause they don't deserve that title) kept his kids from him.

I hope that things work out for you, and that everyone deserves to be happy. Like I said the ladies here are great and have all different angles in which to give advice and lots of support.

Welcome again!

Thank you
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