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June 21st, 2006, 07:56 AM
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Well, I kind of think talking about either wouldn't be a bad thing. It's a big issue with us because of our multiple losses. First, if we do decide to ttc again, no one else but someone who has lost several children would understand what a huge, huge decision that is. It's much harder than after you've lost one child.

Then about becoming pregnant...again, who else would understand not just the fears, but sometimes the very real terrors we might have after losing several children. Losing one child is (as someone already said on this board) bad, but there is still the hope of "oh, a lot of women m/c their first pregnancy - your Aunt Soandso did). Those of us who have gone way beyond that hope will not relax even a moment of any pregnancy we are able to accomplish. We need to be around women who understand the very different, more intense fears a woman with multipule m/c's would/will have.

I just feel that, after what we've each been through, we aren't going to be the same happy go lucky, wanting all the congratulations we can get kind of women, so I can't see any of us being gushy and goofy over a pregnancy...envious maybe, but even that would be tempered with a kind of "projected" fear - if I'm saying that right.

I guess, what I mean is, our experience is different and made us - as far as the ttc issue - much more serious women - and as such, I think any thing we'd say about the ttc and BFP issues would be posted for different reasons too - rather than the "be happy for me, we're pregnant" kind of post.

Hmmm, maybe I should just stop trying to explain my thoughts now...
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