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August 6th, 2010, 11:06 AM
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Abortion: Personally against, but do not feel I have the right to control others.

Drinking age: 21

Political stance: I try to stay neutral, but admit I lean towards conservative.

Selective Service: Voluntary only

Gay marriage: I would prefer it was called a civil union, but feel everyone should have the right to join themselves with another person.

Universal pre-k: Not mandatory, but more options for others.

Sex education: For

Vaccinations: We did a modified schedule.

Sin Tax: Against (I consider it a poor man's tax)

legalization of marijuana: Against (only for medicinal purposes)

Universal Health care: Against, but am for reforming our current system

"performance pay" for teachers: AGAINST

war: Against

Methods of birth control: Personal choice, nothing mandatory though

How many kids people should have: What they can take care of, materially and emotionally

Vegetarian/eating meat: Personal choice, neither for nor against.

gun control: Against

death penalty: For, with specific guidelines

circumcision: Neither for nor against

Fertility treatments/Assisted reproduction: Personal choice

Assisted suicide: Torn on this one. I don't think suicide should be the answer, but have seen people die painful deaths from cancer. I guess I would say that it should be an option for terminal paitents in pain.

Illegal Immigrants *not immigration POLICY: I am against anything "illegal".

Gender Selection: Against

Fat Tax: ?? If this is a tax based on a person's weight, then I am against.

Shopping Carts: They're handy things to have while shopping, FOR.

Kids drinking soda/eating candy/poptarts for breakfast: If a kid eats healthy 90-95% of the time, the occasional "bad" breakfast will not hurt them.

Peanut Butter bans in schools for nut allergies: Against for the most part, but can understand if alot of kids are allergic.

VBACs: For

Government involvement in citizens lives: Against

Seat Belt law/ laws to protect citizens from themselves: Against for adults

Unassisted Childbirthing: To each their own, I had mine at home with a midwife.

Plastic Surgery: Don't care either way.

Chili (with or without beans): Depends on what it's for.

Welfare: For with limitations and time limits.

dress codes for school/office: For

Elective C-sections/elective repeat C-Sections: Against, unless they are paid for out of pocket.

Introducing solids: When a mother feels comfortable, but not before 4 months.

Car Seats: For

Spanking: For, when not excessive.

Children and Pets: For

Nursing in Public: For

Cry it Out: Against for infants

Television and Infants/Toddlers: Okay for short periods of time.

Caring for your elderly parents: For

Diamonds: For

In-N-Out Burger: Never had one.

Reborn dolls: They creep me out!

Homosexual orientation/relationships: I don't personally approve, but they have the right to be with whoever they want to be with.

Polyamory: Against

Scary movies: Depnds on the type.

Transcultural adoption: For

Drug testing welfare recipients: For, with strict conditions.

"Luxuries" on welfare- vacation, designer accessories, upscale phones, TV w/cable, etc: Against

Organized religions: For

Mandatory breastfeeding attempts/prescriptions for formula: Against it being mandatory. But prescriptions for expensive special formulas, FOR.

Family beds: Neither for or against.

TTC on assistance: Against

Infants/toddlers in bikini style swim suits: Against

Leash backpacks for kids: For

Beauty pageants: Against for children

TV watching for kids under age 2: For in limited periods of time.
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