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August 6th, 2010, 03:37 PM
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I'm Kris! My Dh adopted my dd (8) from a previous marriage & we have a son (4)together. He has 2 dds from his previous marriage 11 & 15 who live with their bio mom in another state.

We are on both sides of the coin here. I fought tooth & nail & put myself in major debt to protect my dd from her bio dad. He is bipolar and untreated. He has major anger management issues and is/was emotionally abusive. I fought & got sole physical & legal custody of dd. Eventually he gave up his parental rights.

On the other hand, my current DH is an amazing father. His ex cheated on him several times during there marriage - even to the point of getting pregnant with another man's child. Dh forgave her & raised that child as his own. His ex has caused us so much trouble & has kept the kids away from us. She wanted to be the perfect family with her current husband - who btw she is now divorcing after 4 years. Dh has struggled to see his girls & his ex has done so much bashing to his oldest dd that he barely has any relationship with him. She won't come to our house. The youngest is a doll & hadn't been to our house in 1 1/2 years but now has been to see us twice this summer. She's finally old enough to stand up for herself.

Anyhoo, I'm sure your reason for wanting full custody are justified. I hope you win - from my experience, it is very tough to get sole custody. Courts want both parents. But depending on the circumstances & how you play it - it is possible. Although quite honestly it doesn't really mean much. It just means that bio dad has no say in medical decision, schools or church. It has absolutely no bearing on visitation. I had sole custody & my ex still had visitation rights.

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