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June 21st, 2006, 09:44 AM
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Honestly, I have to agree with the other two posters. What your doc is talking about is CPD. TRUE CPD is extremely rare - and often misdiagnosed or used arbitrarily where it is not the case.

To give you an example of the wonder of our bodies - I am 5'4 and had two nearly 8lbers vaginally with absolutely NO problems. My mom is 5'3 and was a size 0 (prepregnancy) when she birthed my brother and I, nearly 9lbers. My grandma is 5'1 and had four children who were all 9 and up. My great-grandma has had 6 children, all homebirths, and she is petite petite. She has always worn size 4 and under. Her children were 8lbs, 10lbs, 9lbs, 9+lbs.... etc.. etc... you get the picture.

If you are thinking of a natural childbirth (or even vaginal) I recommend finding another doc (or midwife). I know it sounds extreme, but a doc who uses any type of 'fear' this early in the game without even seeing a woman in labor is one to be avoided in my book.

Also, I REALLY REALLY recommend looking into taking Bradley Method courses. They will help you work through fears, learn relaxation, and learn the benefits of natural childbirth and allowing things to happen as nature intended. You will also learn about the physiology of childbirth and how our bodies were designed for this. I would look into it immediately, though, if you are going to as they are generally a 12 week course, but well worth it!

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