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August 8th, 2010, 09:47 AM
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Originally Posted by MeganMomof5 View Post
They are very unsupportive of us...When we lost Ella, they didn't even send a sympathy card or even call...I think FIL called once when I was in the hospital being induced, but they never called back...I also hate how FIL calls, but never MIL...She also emailed me after and compared how I was doing things to DH's sister since she also had a stillborn baby girl, I'm not sure of the weeks, but it was somewhere around 5 months...It really hurt that she was comparing, and I felt like she didn't care about us or our baby any actually caused a lot of resentment and when I got pregnant again she never even congratulated us, which bugged me and then when I lost the baby at 15 weeks she sent us each a message on FACEBOOK saying "I'm sorry for your loss, my condolences are with you" and it was really un personal and hurtful, since that's DH's mother, and it was her grandchild....I emailed her back and went off on her, and I haven't talked to her sense...I deleted her off of my facebook before I mentioned my last pregnancy, so I'm not even sure if she knew I was pregnant...I won't tell them about my latest loss...They probably think that since we have 4 kids (We have more kids than anyone else in their family) that it doesn't matter that we keep losing babies.
What?!? What the h-e-double hockey sticks is wrong with that woman? I am seriously fuming for you right now. It sounds to me like she's not worthy of knowing your sweet babies anyways. How does DH react to that???

My in-laws are really pretty supportive. When we lost our 1st they didn't really say a whole lot about it. When we lost Sophie I really think it broke their hearts. That was probably the hardest part about how supportive they are. I kind of always feel like I have to make them feel better, along with trying to fix myself. But they really have been wonderful for the most part.

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