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August 8th, 2010, 12:24 PM
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Hi there! I am Jami and I have a daughter Violet who is 8mos old
The other day I was feeding her and I signed ( my version! hahaha, I had no idea what "more" was at the time ) "more" to her after each bite, and she picked it up right away! Later that night we were at the fair and I was feeding her and I look over and she is doing the sign!! Without my prompting, so seeing as though she picked up so quickly I thought I would really try and start signing with her!!!! I come here for advice and such
Now I have posted this in a couple of PR's and a few people said they have heard of signing causing some kids to not talk on time, or not be able to communicate with others who do not know the signs etc..... anyone had any experiences?
I just want to make sure this is for us before I go in full swing

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