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August 8th, 2010, 08:03 PM
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Yes, my ex was emotionally/verbally and somewhat physically abusive to us all. He has been to anger management...and counseling (upon me asking for a separation)...I had begged him to go prior. BUT, it hasn't really helped. He IS better with the kids, but still wants control. It's crazy. I am contemplating getting a harassment order on him, b/c right now, he is demanding the last name of my boyfriend...and wanting to change meeting arrangements...etc. So...anyway, I am fighting for sole/full (whatever you call it) custody. I do want him to remain in the children's he is their father, but i want to have them 90% of the time.

What I am really curious to know, do you make your blending work? Cuz...honestly...there are times that I am worried about becoming a mom to other children. And...likely...if this works, i will probably adopt the 2 girls, b/c there mother was murdered when they were young, and they are getting very attached to me...they are great kids...but I worry about the oldest...her attitude, etc. Any help will be appreciated!

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