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June 21st, 2006, 11:47 AM
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I always plan to do everything without medications toxifying my body and my baby. Pregnancy is always hard on me, I suffer from a lot of complications including pre-eclampsia (was induced twice using one dose of prostoglandin gel), hormone induced 4 month long migraines that painkillers don't touch, severe SPD that means I'll be on crutches if not in a wheelchair and will probably need an operation next time, full pre-labour contractions (full strength but not physically doing anything) that go on for 10+ weeks or more before real labour..... And more!

I have never had medication for any of it except the first time I had the 4 month long migraine... And even then I stopped taking them after awhile cos nothing touched it and they'd started upping the doses to something that was harmful to baby and even that didn't help....

Natural childbirth and the pain never left me unable to function like a botched epidural I had the first time. They placed it as I was pushing and his head was coming out. And I've had non-stop back pain ever since.

I planned home water births with all my boys.... I only got it last time because I point blank refused to go to hospital despite my conditions and problems. Hospital never helped me, or cured me of my problems and I never had a problem in any of my births. All quick, relatively pain-free and simple. I've now found out that ontop of all the other things I also have B-Strep and probably had that with all my pregnancies too and they're saying I will have to be hooked to a drip next time so can't have a homebirth.....

I won't repeat what I said to them. Needless to say next time I will be having a med free birth at home anyway.
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