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June 21st, 2006, 12:35 PM
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I feel uncomfortable posting here now I must admit.

I've suffered multiple losses in the past and although I'e not had a miscarriage in either of my last two pregnancies, it's a constant worry and stress. I have so many complications during pregnancy and bundle on top of all that the fact I can't seem to carry the majority of my pregnancies to term and have constant nightmares about my children dying... It's hardly an enjoyable time for me.

I DON'T feel I fit in one other miscarriage boards, because I know from experience that people who've only suffered one loss never truely understand. And neither do people without children (as odd as that sounds). Because I've been on both sides of the fence and I gotta say - it's far, FAR scarier once you know what it is you're lossing. When you look at your young child who should be an older child and you see their pain and suffering too all because your stupid body can't do what it should do.....

And I kind of came here hoping that this was going to be a place to vent those feelings to people who understand, and to go through the scary process of TTC and hoping and praying it works. To talk about the horrible nightmares about your baby being ripped from your body, or stillborn, or just disappearing when you are pregnant. And then I read none of you are wanting to talk about these things?????

What exactly IS the point of this board then?

Sorry to moan, but I feel kind of disillusioned and uncomfortable now. If this was any other website I'd have just left and never come back, it's only because I KNOW this can be a supportive and friendly place that I'm still here at all.

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