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August 9th, 2010, 11:49 AM
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After ntnp for 3 years, a year ago I said to myself " what the heck is wrong with me, no BFP yet??"
I mean seriously... Woman/Teenagers get pg by "accident" every day!! Where has my "accident been?

I am 25 (soon to be 26 on 8/20-UGH!) My husband is 28, this October we will have been happily married for 3 years!

I received the diagnosis having Polycyctic Ovaries Last June 2009. My OB/GYN did not come right out and say that I have PCOS, but in all other words she did, I have all the symptoms related. So.. yeah I have PCOS- I think she just didnt want to scare me...but when I would say... "oh like women with PCOS" she would agree. Well last visit in june 2010- she refered to my annovulation/fertility issues as "PCOS"...LOL.

Well moving along.....
We have been continuing NTNP for the last year with no LUCK.
During my June 2010 vist to the DR she prescribed me Metformin -500mg twice a day, as a response to my concerns of not being able to shed much weight although I have been trying with Diet and exercise. She claimed this may help with that and also when women with PCOS are prescribed this, sometimes she said it can help regulate their cycles.

Speaking of CYCLES... Mine have been irregular All of my life that I can recall... pretty much an average of 46 - 60 day cycles or the disappearance of cycles for 4-6 months at a time.

So during these last few visits with her...our "chats" in between annuals........... she has mentioned using Clomid........ which in turn.... I shrugged off because I decided to try everything possible before I "interfered with nature."

So right now, my mission is Losing weight with healthy diet and exercise, staying active, and paying more attention to my body... do some serious tracking and charting...I recently bought the CBE digital fertility montior as well.

My Cycles have be 30 days apart to the minute the last 2 cycles... so i am praying something in my body is starting to cooperate!!!!!!!! :-)

I am at CD 24 today......
We timed Bd'ing according to CM.... but im sure i didnt ovulate!!!

Odd thing is........

My BB's are super Sore!! Which started like 2 or 3 dpo.
Normaly they are never sore before AF's Arrival???
Also , my normal energy has been notably at ZERO! Normally I am active and motivated!! this past weekend, i napped TWICE!!!
Oh and also... i have had weird cramping.. BUT could that be the Metformin???
UGH!! im so confused!!!!!!!!!
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