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June 21st, 2006, 01:37 PM
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I agree with the others--don't let your doc shut you out of a natural birth just yet! Get support from all around you to try natural if that's what you truly want. IFIFIFIF you need the CS eventually, then fine, but why not give natural a try?

My mom was tall, but VERY thin...and all of us were 9-11 pounds. She used no meds, and my brother even made a surprise appearance. Her water broke, no contractions, went to pee, and out popped a head!

My MIL is 5'3" and is a bit wider than my mom, but again, 9-11-pounders, 3 of them completely natural, no meds! (4th was an emergency CS.)

In good hands, it can't hurt to try the natural way. Just let your doc know, and if s/he is unsupportive, go to another doc for opinions...just to see!

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