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August 9th, 2010, 10:40 PM
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I am!! Hopefully not for long though. I am CD 15 and should be O'ing any day. I am praying this is our cycle. The things I am doing different this cycle is:
Extra Folic Acid
Lydia Pinkham (until O)
EPO (until O)
Soy (CD3-7)
Baby Asprin
Progesterone cream (starting that after O)
Oh and can't forget about Preseed (gotta love that stuff)

I figure I have all the bases covered and my OPK is almost POSITIVE. Should be tomorrow. Kinda upset I think the SOY made me O later I usually O right at CD 14-15. This month on it it looks like I will CD 17. Oh well I'm happy if I O!!

Celena & Tobi- Glad to see some familiar faces here waiting to O with me!! You are some of the sweetest woman I have had the pleasure of meeting. You girls
deserve your BFP and I pray this is our month for super sticky beans!!
Heather (Me) - 27
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