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August 10th, 2010, 12:39 PM
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WTG, Kris!
Sitting on my fitness ball is so nice! Eases the contractions and pelvic pain and I can get in some light yoga stretching. I'm so tempted to start walking again. It may be painful but at this point I don't have to worry about starting regular contractions so why not.
The kids got a cold from Bible School last week and I got it too over the weekend. So yesterday I drank 18 glasses of water. Guess how many times I got up during the night?
Only once! I couldn't believe it either but my throat and stuffiness is so much better this morning!
My daily calories are steady at 2000. Yesterday's F&V was 4.5. I'm loving my fresh peaches and grapes.
My midwife's scale had me at a 1lb gain for the week. Fine by me.
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