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August 10th, 2010, 02:00 PM
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Hi Chels!

I'm not sure how to approach my DH about it.... I dont want to make him feel badly because he did try to help, he just did NOT know how to help.... which is partly my fault for expecting him to know, and partly his fault for not wanting to take birthing classes.....

I dont think it ever really sank in for him that I NEEDED him.... I think he more or less felt helpless. And I did have a very long birth (I went into labour tuesday evening around 11 and didnt have hunter until thursday morning at 5am.... but I was VERY resentful of the few hours sleep he would catch.... I think I still am a bit, LOL.

If I decide to vbac, which I am leaning towards right now, I want to take birthing classes, but I want to find a way other than just that to make him see how much he could do, kwim?

Thank you GraysMama for an awesome siggy!

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