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June 21st, 2006, 04:52 PM
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Thanks, I am going to have to try the bathing, I've been sticking to showers.

"Cervix is opening a little bit"

"Cervix is opening a Little bit"

"Cervix is opening a Little bit" so says the doc today. Fanfreakingtastic. So then I woefully ask if he thinks I'll go the full 40 and he goes "oh yea probably"

fantastic. Just what I wanted to hear. 2 more weeks or so of being big and uncomfortable, not sleeping, and in general in a shytty mood.


Oh and it took him longer than usual to find the heartbeat so I was worried for a second, but she is still in there going strong.

Darn it she is already close to 7 pounds, I am really not trying to have some big ole 8 pound baby. If all she is doing is gaining weight then dog on it she can do that out here.

Oh and I gained 3 pounds since last week. Whippee. Total weight gain is 23 pounds...and counting....

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