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June 21st, 2006, 05:33 PM
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I just feel that, after what we've each been through, we aren't going to be the same happy go lucky, wanting all the congratulations we can get kind of women, so I can't see any of us being gushy and goofy over a pregnancy...envious maybe, but even that would be tempered with a kind of "projected" fear - if I'm saying that right.[/b]
And I kind of came here hoping that this was going to be a place to vent those feelings to people who understand, and to go through the scary process of TTC and hoping and praying it works. To talk about the horrible nightmares about your baby being ripped from your body, or stillborn, or just disappearing when you are pregnant. And then I read none of you are wanting to talk about these things?????[/b]

After reading those, maybe I was thinking about things wrong. What I am worried about is what I have seen before where someone will make 1 post about their m/c and then the next month they are p/g again; or where they post and then come back to update how their p/g is going even though they don't seem to have anything to worry about. Since I have read the posts following mine, I see that things should (will) be different here, as I don't really see the posts that will be here as excitement posts, but as worrisome posts.

I hope you don't leave, Sarah-Jean. We just want to be careful so that anyone who comes here for support doesn't feel uncomfortable. That is why we are getting everyone's opinions so that we can be sensitive to those who might visit here.

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