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August 11th, 2010, 08:16 PM
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Hey Ladies,

I could really really really use some advice and I guess just all around information. I am about 8 weeks pregnant at the age of 22. This is my first child and I'm really unprepared. The father and I are not together, we were just friends. He wants me to have an abortion, but I have decided against that. I decided to keep the child, and I have the support from those closest to me. He however has basically told me that he now hates me, and this is the worst decision that I have ever made and is just all around being mean. I don't want to trap him and I don't want to "ruin" his life, so I'm now having second thoughts about keeping the baby. I'm scared, alone, and afraid that I'm making the wrong decision by keeping the baby. The father and I have mutual friends and they say he will come around, but everything so far has been so hurtful I don't think I want him around. What do I do, because crying and moping around hasn't gotten me anywhere.

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