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June 21st, 2006, 08:01 PM
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Has he been supportive in getting testing? In april of this year we went to see our doctor to talk about our fertility problems and he had said that beacuse I had two healthy children that there were only a few things we could try because we didnt qualify or we werent considered high risk so he put us on a basal temp chart and hubby had a script to have his spermies tested and I thought he would refuse to go have the test but he said he would and I thought that was great. Every morning he would make sure I woke up at 7am to take my temp. He would bd when I asled him to although as the months went by he started to get a little annoyed at the pressure of having to bd all the time.

As for TTC he is the one who wanted to continue to try I used to get discaouraged every month when I got a BFN.

Is he understanding of most of what you are trying to deal with? He is and was great he tried to understand how I felt and was always there to help me. Even now that Im 11 weeks pregnant he always asks how I am and if I need anything. He is a caring guy and if anything was to happen to this baby he would be totally shattered and it would break my heart to see him so sad.

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