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August 11th, 2010, 10:41 PM
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Hi, I'm Angie (22) mommy to Joey (almost 11 months). I'm sorry you are going through this. I can say though that his response seems to be pretty common in situations like this. Guys like to throw out all the mean comments, tell you that you will ruin their life and stuff like that just to try to get things to go their way. My situation is similar to yours. I got pregnant at 20 and had my baby boy at 21. His father and my family were telling me to get an abortion, saying that it was a horrible decision, and I would be ruining everyones lives. But in my situation, I knew I couldn't do that. I just figured that if I feel responsible enough to have sex than I should be ready to take responsibility for what could happen. My son's father was a one night stand on New Year's eve. He wanted nothing to do with the situation and always said he would never be involved. But everything changed once he got the DNA test results. He now wants to be involved all the time and he is constantly wanting to hang out with his son. I'm currently dating someone else but FOB keeps saying he wants to be with me so we can be a family and all that but I don't know. It was a long road to get to where we are though. FOB met my son for the first time about a month ago when he just turned 10 months so it took a while. So my point is LOL, things change and he probably will come around. But if he doesn't you will be fine and things will work out. But in the end, you need to do what is right for you because you will have to live with your choice forever. And just think, you aren't that young, lots of people have planned babies at 22. Good luck hun and be strong and do what is right for you.
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