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August 13th, 2010, 01:52 AM
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I am going through a rough few days right now. I bought the book "What Alice Forgot" because the plot intrigued me, and I was pregnant, and so was she at the beginning, and her musings were funny (I read the first chapter before buying it)

When I was told that I would probably lose these ones too, but I won't know for sure until Monday when I see my doctor again, I wanted to put the book down.
I didn't (long car trip) and I'm so glad.

The book is about memory loss, sure, and Alice's storyline is interesting, but her sister, Elizabeth, has suffered from infertility and RPL and her journal entries just sounded so true. I felt like she was my friend by the end of the book. I felt like she was ME, or me in a few years. It's given me food for thought especially on the question of FOR ME - how much is too much?

I wonder if the author has been through this? She has 2 children now, so if she has she's on the other side which is wonderful, but no matter because it felt so many times like she had been in my brain.

It's a book that made me laugh and cry a lot but it really was a great read, and I wasn't expecting the plot to be so centered around loss. (even the online reviews I'd read beforehad for the most part didn't even mention it)

It was a fantastic read.
A quote that I could have written myself :

And the thing that infuriates me the most, is that even though I'm saying it and I'm believing it and I know with all my heart that I'm going to lose this baby like all the others, I also know that underneath it all that inanely positive, pathetic voice is still chirping, "But maybe...?"
I have SEVERAL pages of quotes like this in my clippings section on my kindle.

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