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August 13th, 2010, 06:01 PM
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you make a good point, no GOOD therapist should ever say that.... but boy would I be pissed to pay for a session and have them say that!

I hear you on the anger and resentment for after the birth. I ended up with a spinal migraine from the epidural (or I should say epiduralS being that I had 4.... ) anyway.... I have never been in so much pain in my life as the 3 days immediately following my c/s. That migraine made me completely unable to care for hunter and I resent so so much that it ruined my first few days with him.. I also blame it in part for my lack of success in b/f because I couldnt even sit up without being sick to be able to get help with a latch ect. (Its not totally to blame because there were other issues, and I am part to blame as well.... but that was a big one). The hospital I was at was a good 45 mins away from our house and DH had to go home at points to let our dog out. But I was and still am so angry at how little time he spent in the hospital. I couldnt do anything for hunter without being physically sick and he should have been in there every second helping me so I could get better faster, but he would only come a few hours each day. I hated him for it and still do. I was also really angry that he did nothing for me in terms of demanding someone do something about the migraine and not to leave me in pain.

Hes already talking about wanting a 2nd and I keep telling him he needs to really figure out if hes ready for another one because it means he will likely be in charge of hunter for a few days (at minimum) on his own, but it also means he will need to help me and the new baby, so that means giving up everything else for at least a week and I just dont think hes ready for that.

Thank you GraysMama for an awesome siggy!

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