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August 14th, 2010, 12:45 PM
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I woke up on Thursday 8/12 preparing to go to the hospital for a Biophysical Profile to see why the baby's movement had slowed down so much. DH had already taken the day off to go with me to the appointment so he was home also. I had mild contractions from the time I woke up until an hour later when I called my midwife wondering if I should bother with the BPP. She told me that since the hospital was so far away it was best that I stay home if I was in early labor. Especially with my history of short labors. So I told DH to go back to bed and puttered around the house for a bit and then decided to lay down also. When I laid down the contractions went away and I woke up again at 11:30am. Natalie was still sleeping in our bed with DH so I went downstairs and realized that my contractions were completely gone. This was disappointing to me wince I had a very short labor with Natalie and no BH or real early labor at all.

DH and Natalie woke at about noon and we talked about going out to eat and to the mall. I figured we should try to enjoy DH's day off even if we didn't get to see the baby on the ultrasound and I didn't go into labor. So we went out at about 3pm, all of us DH, DD, MIL (who lives with us) and I. We had Italian (I ordered eggplant parm,lol). I had noticed a few contractions in the car on the way to the restaurant. Once we hit the mall they got stronger and more regular. DH biggest fear is me being in serious labor in public, so he go us home quickly as soon as he realized that this might be IT. By now it was around 6pm and I called my midwife from the car to update her.

Once we got home the contractions petered out again and I was VERY disappointed. The contractions picked up again around 9pm and I alerted my midwife that I was indeed in real labor and we began setting up for birth, filling the pool, gathering towels, putting down the plastic sheet over the carpet, etc. Around 11:45pm I called my midwife and said basically "Come now, it hurts and I'm getting in the pool." By now I had to stop whatever I was doing for each contraction and have DH rub my back. I got in the birth pool and waited for my midwife. The warm water was SO relaxing. The contractions slowed down a lot though and shortly after she got there, I climbed out to help them pick back up. They did and I got back in not to long after. While I was out of the water, I requested that she check me and I was about 7 cm dilated. This info made me feel good, like I was making progress.

The next hour or so is a blur of contractions. Natalie spent most of my labor reaching into the pool to splash, playing with the midwife's equipment and getting her to read her stories, lol. My MIL took her to watch a video at some point and generally tried to keep her happy. She also helped DH pour water on my back and held my thermos so that I could drink from it. She handled me being in labor so well.

Once I was back in the water the contractions started coming harder. DH turned to the music channel on our TV and we sang along to the songs we knew in between contractions. During contractions he rubbed my lower back, in between he just stroked my neck and back to help me stay relaxed. It worked wonderfully for pain relief until I hit transition and they started coming on top of each other. I started to panic but I also knew that this meant it was almost over. At this point, we sent MIL and Nati upstairs because I didn't want her to have the memory of me losing it just before her sister was born. I began fussing about how my water really needed to break to get this over with. After a few really rough contractions I felt the need to push. OH, how I HATE pushing. It hurts, hurts, hurts. Thankfully, it only took and handful of pushes to get her out. My water broke on the second push then out came her head. This was different for me because Natalie came in one push. I had to wait for another contraction to get her body out this time.

Once she was out I felt instant relief, yelled for MIL and pulled her out of the water myself and settled in the the pool to have a look at her. My midwife rubbed her and cleared her nose, since I was feeling sooooo weak and tired and we needed to pink her up and hear a little cry. She yelped after a few seconds and the cuddling continued. Natalie was very quiet by the side of the pool murmuring about "baby". Eventually I felt like pushing out the placenta and then DH cut the cord. I handed the baby to DH, got out of the water and sat on the couch. Natalie immediately came to lay on me and we rested while Amie got to know daddy. Then I decided to try nursing. Amelia latched on like a professional and didn't let go for 10-15 minutes.

Then I went to shower and DH took down the pool my midwife checked me then. No tearing, yea! Then Amelia got weighed and measured, we kissed the midwife goodbye and climbed into bed, as a new family of four.

Name: Amelia Ruth
Birthdate: 8/13/10 (37wks4d)
Time: 2:30am
Weight: 5lbs 11ozs
Length: 19in

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