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August 15th, 2010, 09:44 AM
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hello ladies i am looking for other to talk to about being done having kds...alot of people are telling me things like i migth change my mind and its easier to have him fixed an what if we dont last...i know its all stuff i need to and have been thinking about and i have an anwser for them all...
one if i change my mind about having kids i dont need to be the one thats pregnant to have another there are so many unwanted kid in the world that i would rather give a home to them then getting pregnant again.
two yes it migth be earier to get him done but i want to tie my tubes aswell because if him and i dont last i dont want to get pregnant again an i would have to turn around and get them done when i am alone with two children
and three if we dont last and i find someone else them wanting me to get pregnant would be a deal breaker....

so hi my name is nicole i am 22 years old my OH is 40 and i have two children josh 8 weeks old and emily 2 years
mommy loves all her children
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