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August 15th, 2010, 10:18 AM
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Wolfsbane is another name this plant is known by. This plant grows easily in northern climates and can endure rough winters. This is an herb that is poisonous and must be grown w/ great caution and only by a seasoned herbalist. Grows three or more3 feet high w/ deep shiny leaves and vivid bunches of flowers.

The root contains an alkaloid but the entire plant is usually used.

1/50th of a grain can kill a small bird in seconds and 1/2 that amount upon your skin will leave a sensation that you can feel all day. This is a dangerous herb if you don't know how to use it, most definitely you have to know the exact amounts needed for remedies, if used at all.

Internally: lower both the rate and strength of the pulse. Used to treat serious pneumonia, feverish colds and croup. Used as an anodyne for heart conditions, and stronger amounts used to bring pulse into normal pace from heart attacks.

Externally: Used as an anodyne for rheumatism and deep pains.

This is definitely not an herb that anyone of us will probably ever work with, but it is good to know about all herbs so that you can recognize them. You never know what situation you might be in. It is a very powerful herb and much caution must be used w/ this herb. I really suggest deeply researching this herb yourself if you're ever wanting to try and and contact an herbalist as well for tips and advice

Magical Properties
May be used to invoke Hekate. Generally used to consecrate tools when burnt as an incense. This herb brings protection during rituals and guards against negative energy. Also said to be a "flying ointment" for it's a very powerful herb that can cause visions.
The Master Book of Herblism, Paul Beyerl

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