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August 16th, 2010, 07:13 AM
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I am a 20/20,48 Hours, Dateline junkie. If I see there is one on, I dvr it to watch without commercials. Last nighti watched one about Shawn Hornsby-- a kid who was kidnapped and held captive by a pedofile for well over four years. After that point, the guy got bored and snatched another kid. Within a few days, witnesses to the second kidnapping were able to lead the getting back both kids--but not until the guy had already managed to mess with the second kid.

The whole story is sickening and you feel awful for the families. The kid seems to have kept a wonderful spirit and was able to kind of recover--socially, educationally, etc. He cites his faith in his family for getting him through. I was touched.

During the story, though, there were shots of churches with "Praise God for bringing them home!" and other such sentiments. At the end of the piece the mother says something about his return being a true miracle.

***?! Where was God when that boy was being held against his will, screwed with emotionally, and raped repeatedly? What about having another kid kidnapped and primed for the same treatment--what about that is a miracle?!

Was God simply perusing the list of horrible things that happened one day when he wasn't paying attention--then said, "Oh crap! Let me wrestle up another kid who could stand a little innocence destruction--and make sure some guy sees the weird truck. Then--it'll be a day-yum mur-a-cull, and people won't think twice that it happened on my watch."
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