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August 16th, 2010, 05:16 PM
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Hey Rachel!

Yes, this past weekend was tough for me. I have found the girls becoming so attached to me, it is almost scaring me away. I love kids...have 2, went to school to be a teacher, but NEVER have I seen 2 girls needing female attention SOOOO much. We went to the mall on Sunday, just to window shop. Behavior-wise they weren't too bad, typical kids for the most part (can I have this? Why not? etc...) but, both girls were hanging on me, badly. Holding my hands, my arms, constantly attached to my hip...literally. It got old...FAST. Is this normal? Is it normal to feel this way? I didn't wanna hurt their feelings, so I told Adam, that I just needed a little more space, and he said something to them...and they were better, but still acted like they just wanted to literally be glued to me. IDK what to do, what to say without hurting their feelings, but yet making it clear that there are times and places for this...and that wasn't one of them. My kids usually like "night time" couch snuggles...etc...and that is perfectly fine.

Also...I am dealing with 2 very different ways of discipline. He has his more strict way...and I am more easy-going. I KNOW I am too easy on my kids...but, with my situation right now, it's very hard. I hate spanking, but I do do it, now and then, if I feel it is very needed. He spanks alot, not excessively or to the point of being abusive, it is just his discipline method. I am freaking out! I want this to work with him...WE get along wonderfully, the kids do for the most part too....just am having these little things come up that are making me panic!!

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